October 4, 2017

Active Carpet Tiles From Shaw Contract Aims to Energize With Custom Kinetic Patterns


Caffeine stopped delivering a jolt? Consider a double shot of Active, the latest series of carpet tiles and custom broadloom from Shaw Contract. They aim to energize office workers with customizable kinetic patterns—perfect for way-finding, zoning, and activity-based delineation, all essential in open-plan environments. The joint effort by vice president of global design Reesie Duncan and senior designer John Crews boasts new fluorescent colors, developed expressly for the Eco Solution Q nylon. With the broadloom, fields are meant to mingle, so the large geometrics of Vigor transition into fine-lined Ascent. Vitality, resembling shards of glass, is similar to Drive’s fractured abstraction, while the randomness of Escalate recalls pickup sticks left in mid-game. shawcontract.com

Carpet tiles by Shaw Contract.
Vigor, Ascent.
Carpet tiles by Shaw Contract.

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