April 1, 2018

An Inside Look at Mannington’s Moiré Collection

Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus C22 alongside a carpet from the Moiré Collection at NeoCon 2018. Photography courtesy of Mannington Commercial.

Art and design are two sides of the same coin. Although separated by different industry standards and networks, the two worlds do frequently meld. Designers start out with artistic gifts that are transmuted into design thinking (and many pursue art as a hobby). And, sometimes, artists try their hand at the more restrained form of their life’s work. Gabriel Dawe, the Texas-based installation artist, did just that when he lent his creative vision to Mannington Commercial’s Moiré Collection, his first foray into product design.

Mannington Commercial’s NeoCon showroom, featuring the Moiré Collection. Photography courtesy of Mannington Commercial.

Drawing on Dawe’s Plexus series of installation pieces, the Moiré Collection captures the spellbinding nature of the moiré effect at a variety of scales. High-luster yarn reflects light within the designs to enhance dimension and visual excitement. Designers can bring artistic energy to high-traffic commercial spaces with this collection, which consists of three carpet plank offerings and one broadloom.

Mannington’s VP of Design, Roby Isaac, artist Gabriel Dawe, and Mannington designer Stacey Gerbman. Photography courtesy of Mannington Commercial.

“Seeing my work re-imagined and envisioned into an entire collection of broadloom and modular carpet has been deeply gratifying,” says Dawe. “Overall, it has been a fantastic experience. I didn’t expect it to be so authentic. It is like peeking into one of my installations and seeing it translated as a floor covering.” 

Creating the Moiré Collection. Photography courtesy of Mannington Commercial.

“Translating a world-renowned artist’s vision into a functional floorcovering has been a challenge that Mannington eagerly embraced,” says Roby Isaac, vice president of design at Mannington. “As designers, the idea of channeling Dawe’s complex and intricate creations into something tactile was an incredible undertaking.”

Examples of the styles and colorways represented in the Moiré Collection. Photography courtesy of Mannington Commercial.

The Moiré Collection debuted at NeoCon this year. In addition to a successful product launch, Dawe also designed a site-specific installation to celebrate his partnership with Mannington Commercial. This original commission drew crowds at the MART’s Northeast Corridor when it was unveiled at the annual design conference. Entitled Plexus C22, Dawe’s installation will remain on view through September. 

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