Be Original Americas Teams Up With Ace Hotel New York to Talk Design Originality

In an age defined by social media and unfettered exposure, designers are constantly faced with the challenge of protecting the integrity of their products and services in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace. To better understand the challenges of being a creative in the 21st century, Be Original Americas is debuting a showcase titled “Be Original Americas: Originality Deconstructed” at Ace Hotel New York later this month, in partnership with the Ace Hotel and Lumens.

Mounted by independent design writer and curator Adrian Madlener, the showcase will highlight physical designs, disassembled elements and raw materials by Be Original Americas members Emeco, Flos, Louis Poulsen and Suzanne Tick. By offering an in-depth look into the different aspects of production, including how materials are sourced and processed, the showcase aims to allow visitors to better understand issues surrounding both sustainability and the challenges of copyrighting design.

Be Original Americas logo in neon green on a black background

“This traveling exhibition is a unique opportunity to peek behind the curtain and discover the whys and hows of great design,” says Laura Walsh, Lumens CEO. “We’re so excited to learn more about the process behind so many of the brands that Lumens is proud to carry.”

To mark the debut of the installation, at 7pm ET on October 18, industry experts will come together at Ace Hotel New York for a discussion titled “Let’s Get Real: A Discussion about Counterfeit Design,” to highlight how brands and designers are counteracting the effects of the counterfeit market. The showcase, which commemorates Be Original Americas 10th anniversary, will be on display at Ace Hotel New York from October 19-30, and at Ace Hotel Palm Springs and Los Angeles in 2023. 

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