January 28, 2017

Crossville’s Laminam Offers Installation, Design, and Cost Advantages

Are you familiar with porcelain tile panels? These products constitute a relatively new category within the tile industry. They’re quite literally big deals with outer dimensions upwards of 1Mx3M (nearly 3’x10’) and profiles as lean as 3mm for walls and 5.6mm for wall or floor installations.

“Since we introduced Laminam by Crossville collections, installations have taken off,” explains Lindsey Waldrep, VP of Marketing for U.S. tile manufacturer Crossville, Inc. “And it’s about much more than looks. Installation and cost advantages are major differentiators.”

Waldrep shares a few projects that showcase porcelain tile panels’ advantages.

Install Tile-Over-Tile for Expedited Timelines

The Lancer Hotel in Myrtle Beach was transformed in record time because Laminam collections were installed directly over tile that was already in place. This efficiency supported the extremely tight timeline for the project and resulted in an overall savings in labor costs.

Minimize Demolition, Maximize Design Creativity

For renovation of the Lexington Office Park lobby in the Boston area, designers opted for Laminam by Crossville collections. These products offered ease of installation and accommodated an inventive lighting configuration. With no demo required for outdated surfaces, the dramatic remodel was completed with minimal complication and maximum style.

Find Potential Cost Savings Over Stone Slabs

The property owner of Biscuit & Branch in Columbus, Ohio specified Laminam collections throughout his project instead of stone slabs upon learning of the cost savings. The porcelain tile panels will require minimal maintenance over the life of the project, resulting in ongoing savings, as well.

Learn more and order samples of these versatile products on Crossville’s website

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