March 26, 2015

Crypton Introduces its First Vinyl

3 Crypton Revl Photo Courtesy Of Crypton

Revl, a new vinyl from Crypton in collaboration with O’Sullivan Films, is offered in a variety of colors.

Performance textile manufacturer


has a new product: a high-performance, coated, stain-resistant vinyl called Revl. The name comes from the combination of “revolution” and “vinyl”, a sign that the 20-year-old company stands by the revolutionary nature of its textile.

“This level of performance bundled has never been seen before,” says Randy Rubin, co-founder of Crypton. “Getting a matte finish vinyl that actually cleans and keeps its appearance after repeated cleanings with harsh cleaners—and is made in the U.S.A.—is truly an aesthetic advantage and game changer in the industry.”

Other products lose their finish, she says, sometimes after just one cleaning. And that’s not the only way the vinyl of 2015 is unlike vinyl past. “We can now maintain a beautiful matte finish while providing incredible performance, durable to more than 50 disinfectants and cleaners. It cleans up like no other product in the market today,” says Rubin.

Developed over a two-year collaboration with

O’Sullivan Films

, a

research and development and product design firm,

with the goal of creating a surface solution to satisfy disease and infection control concerns, Revl is intended for hospitality, healthcare, commercial and institutional industries.

“In the harshest of settings, where no fabric is appropriate, vinyl is necessary. Over and over we’ve been hearing ‘We’re going back to vinyl’ so we made the decision to apply our technology and expertise to creating a new level of performance for this product category,” Rubin explains. Designers and end users told her polyurethanes were subject to puddling issues and were not standing up to the rigors of contract usage. “We tested every vinyl product that is available and I can tell you with certainty that Revl cleans better.”

Bonus feature: Revl is available in custom colors, and it received Greenguard certification, ensuring it meets the standards for low emissions of VOCs into indoor air.

The product, whose primary competition is all vinyl on the market, will join more than 120 million yards of Crypton textiles already in commercial and residential applications around the world.

1 Crypton Revl Photo Courtesy Of Crypton

The first vinyl of its kind, Revl offers a best-­in­-class solution for a variety of markets.

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