September 20, 2020

Delta Difference Makers and NKBA: Live Return This Week on DesignTV by SANDOW

This week saw the return of two DesignTV by SANDOW recurring segments, Delta Difference Makers and NKBA Live. Interior Design Editor in Chief Cindy Allen sat down with some familiar faces to discuss how technology and design are shaping the future of the built environment, and how we interact with each other within it.  


For the second episode of a special two-part series, Allen welcomes back the Delta Difference Makers: Avissa Mojtahedi of Avissa Design, Eche Martinez of Eche, and Leyla Jaworski of Design Shop Interior. Produced in partnership with Delta Faucet, the group expands upon their own individual design styles while sharing some products and projects they’re most proud of, and in turn inspiring one another.  

Watch the full Delta Difference Makers episode here:


Suzie Williford is back, joining Allen once again for the sixth installment of NKBA Live—this time with the theme “Designing the Home of the Future,” presented in partnership with Control4, and the CEDIA ExpoMatt Emmi of OneButton, and John Spencer of Selldorf Architects joined Williford and Allen to speak about the upcoming connected home-living virtual fare that attracts designers from all over the globe searching for new ways to integrate technology into kitchen and bath spaces. 

Watch the full NKBA Live segment here:

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