March 2, 2017


Rounded Cuben digitally printed mural by Simon Page for Flavor Paper.

1. Designer: Simon Page for Flavor Paper.

Product: Rounded Cuben.

Standout: This curvy new version of the brand’s digitally printed mural–its nonrepeated image now happily pixel-free–is available on glittery Bada Bling vinyl or PVC-free recyclable grounds like Nolar and Terralon.

ARO Block 4 wool felt modular tiles by Architecture Research Office for FilzFelt.

2. Designer: Architecture Research Office for FilzFelt.

Product: ARO Block 4. 

Standout: The modular tiles of 100 percent biodegradable wool felt, inspired by shingles and cladding, are one of four shapes offered in 63 colors. A 100 percent recyclable acoustic substrate provides sound absorption while heavy-duty construction adhesive makes for hassle-free installation.

Nuage wall covering by Henri Jacobs for Maharam.

3. Designer: Henri Jacobs for Maharam.

Product: Nuage.

Standout: The artist’s abstraction of a cloudy sky, created with watercolors and metallic paint and pencil, becomes a wall covering in cellulose, latex, and nylon, available in a museum-quality size of 10 feet high and almost 13-1/2 wide–or a custom size.

Karim Rashid Collection resin tiles by Karim Rashid for Mosaico Digitale.

4. Designer: Karim Rashid for Mosaico Digitale.

Product: Karim Rashid Collection.

Standout: The Hall of Famer partners with the manufacturer–a perennial Best of Year winner–to create four new organic-futurist patterns, each digitally printed onto lightweight, 1/4-inch-thin resin tiles.

Aurora fabric and wallpaper by Kate Miller of Elworthy Studio.

5. Designer: Kate Miller of Elworthy Studio.

Product: Aurora.

Standout: The San Francisco-based designer arranged diamonds on a lacy ground for this pattern. Part of her Clair Obscur collection, the designer sought to utilize inventive techniques. For example, placing objects on photo paper and spraying them with low-toxicity photo chemicals to create ghostly, glowing fabric and wallpaper.

City Lights wool felt by Lily Latifi of Lily Latifi.

6. Designer: Lily Latifi of Lily Latifi.

Product: City Lights.

Standout: A sliding panel lets the light in through a skyline of square perforations while keeping out sound, heat, water, and fire; its 100 perecnt wool felt is 3mm thick and available in over 40 urbane colorways, in custom sizes.

Madras Floral and Madras Geo upholstery-weight linen-cottons by Kathryn Maresca of Maresca Textiles.

7. Designer: Kathryn Maresca of Maresca Textiles.

Product: Madras Floral and Madras Geo.

Standout: Inspired by antique chintz motifs, these upholstery-weight linen-cottons are perfect for pillows and heavy drapery, in custom hues or colorways like charcoal, willow, and indigo.

Fresh Yellow trim tape by Stephanie Seal Brown of Stephanie Seal Brown.

8. Designer: Stephanie Seal Brown of Stephanie Seal Brown.

Product: Fresh Yellow.

Standout: Woven to order, this trip tape delicately positions a bold stripe across an expanse of nubby, natural linen; multiple stripes in multiple colors, classic black, and golden neutrals are also available.

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