September 20, 2020

Eric Stroud Takes Home 2020 HiP Award for Outstanding Seller

With the help of Eric Stroud, Studio TK is changing the culture of work. Stroud, a University of Pennsylvania architecture graduate with over a decade of international experience, has certainly emerged as an industry leader for sellers near and far. As Studio TK’s VP of Sales for the U.S. and a 2020 HiP winner, Stroud continues to stand out with his expertise and willingness to help at every stage of the specification process, offering clarity to clients via Studio TK’s Insights page, which features studies, interviews, and essays about the future of design with a focus on the workplace. 

Stroud approaches his work with the mantra: “people buy from people”—stressing the importance of human connection. A successful business venture for Stroud is not only measured by a corporate deal, but by the new friendships that come from finding solutions for challenges in a collaborative way. His position on the National Board of Trustees for DIFFA is another testament to his dedication to the architecture and design community.

Always willing to dive into the task at hand, including tedious renovations—these happen to be some of his favorite projects—Stroud never strays from an opportunity to connect with clients and turn their vision into a reality with the right product. His husband Chase and 10-year-old pug Eunice reap the benefits of Stroud’s attention to detail as a self-proclaimed “furniture nerd,” despite the “light hoarding” that may come along with it. 

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