October 24, 2017

Flavor Paper Combined Hand-Printed Plywood Tiles With Electricity-Conducting Graphic Circuitry for a New Type of Wall Covering

Sound Light Box.

Jon Sherman found a way to give wall
coverings a charge: a water-based conductive ink. Eager to exploit the technology’s abilities, the company founder
turned to UM Project’s François Chambard to develop Conduct, which encourages passive viewers to become active
participants. When touched, hand-printed plywood tiles equipped with
electricity-conducting graphic circuitry
activate “function boxes,” including
Light Box, a bronze-colored glass case
lled with LEDs;
Sound Light Box, a
Corian-framed speaker that generates tonal resonance; and Shutter Box, a moving panel with patterned and mirrored sides. First shown at this year’s Collective Design Fair as a prototype in so pink and greige tones (alongside fragments of Ghislaine Viñas’s Wild Thing pattern), the system is completely customizable. flavorpaper.com

Light Box.

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