August 28, 2015

Graphic Content: 6 Materials Mix Strong Shapes and Colors


Nothing salacious here—just shapes and colors making strong statements. Here are six recent additions to the from the Material ConneXion library.

1. Material: Mosaicos. 

Manufacturer: Atarés.
Composition: Marble.
Standout: A CNC robot selects and configures tiles, photo-transfer mosaics, based on how closely their colors and textures match certain sections of an image.

2. Material: Concrete Slabs.

Manufacturer: Lavada.
Composition: Concrete, glass fiber, and polymer, with or without acrylic.
Standout: Lighter and easier than traditional concrete to fabricate into dramatic shapes, this composite also boasts a structural integrity that’s never compromised.

3. Material: Banana Paper. 

Manufacturer: Sarran.
Composition: Banana fibers and carbon powder.
Standout: In a chemical-free process, fibers are molded into sheets that are water-repellent and sound-absorbing with 30 percent higher tear resistance than regular paper.

4. Material: Three-Dimensional Joomchi Hanji

Manufacturer: Shin Pung Hanji.
Composition: Mulberry fibers.
Standout: Tree bark is boiled and pounded, according to a centuries-old technique from Korea, to produce a paper that’s as strong and durable as a fabric.

5. Material: Antimicrobial Powder Coatings 

Manufacturer: Bottle Coatings.
Composition: Silver ions.
Standout: More effective than standard alcohol, ammonia, or chlorine, the controlled release of silver nanoparticles inhibits the growth of microbes.

6. Material: Circular Knit Textiles 

Manufacturer: Mogae Textile Co.
Composition: Elastomeric thermoplastic polyurethane.
Standout: This fabric knit from thicker monofilaments, which allow more varied stitch patterns and textures, is frequently used for stretch in fashion.


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