May 22, 2013

Have It Your Way: Bernhardt Design’s Code Collection


As office plans open wide, and privacy becomes endangered, Code provides shelter from the swarm.

Jang Won Yoon

envisioned his seating series for

Bernhardt Design

to permit collaboration and individual work by making the pieces adaptable. Standing just over 29 inches tall, the lounge chair, love seat, and three-seat sofa are perfect for interactive social zones. Widths range from 30 inches for the chair to 92 for the sofa. To increase enclosure, a three-panel 53-inch-high wall can attach to the love seat and sofa via ganging brackets. Each of the pieces’ foam-covered maple frames can be covered in any

Bernhardt Textiles

as well as COM. (The Apel ottomans are by

Jessica Pell



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