April 25, 2015

Heart and Sole: Checkland Kindleysides’s New London Flagship for Cheaney Shoes


When designing the London flagship of a men’s shoe brand founded in 1886, highlighting its heritage of craftsmanship is of the utmost importance. Checkland Kindleysides therefore took its cues for the Cheaney shop from the company’s original factory, still operating in Northamptonshire. The 720 square feet are divided roughly in half, with the front devoted to telling the story of how each shoe is handmade—featuring a 1:100 scale model of the factory and a wall hung with 1970’s beechwood lasts found in that factory. Farther back, the look becomes more tailored, inspired by the typical boardroom. Plush navy carpet runs beneath oil portraits of founder Joseph Cheaney and his son Arthur, and the clubby armchairs are upholstered in the same leather used for the shoes.

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