April 15, 2016

Hire the sun as your interior decorator

Natural light decorates our every day, so why not invite it inside to help you enhance your space? With VELUX skylights it’s easy to transform any room in your home into a bright and healthy environment. VELUX skylights provide optimal light from above, bathing rooms in daylong light that fills corners and makes rooms feel bigger and more spacious.

And because skylights provide balanced daylight, colors appear truer. Upholstery fabric colors will be bolder and wall art will leap from the walls. Why paint your walls, or spend time getting your palette just right, when you can’t see the colors as they were meant to be?

In addition to their aesthetic value, skylights provide a number of other benefits. VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights provide a passive form of lighting and cooling, which is a smart way for your home to save on electricity. Not to mention, skylights don’t take up valuable wall space, and can fill a room with daylight without the loss of any privacy, making them ideal for bathrooms.

Find more design inspiration on whyskylights.com, where natural light and fresh air from skylights transform bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and more.

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