Hyper-Haus Creates a Whimsical Dreamscape for a Beauty Clinic in Bangkok

In Bangkok, the word for cloud is mek. So, when an aesthetician with that surname hired Hyper-Haus to conceive his 4,800-square-foot beauty clinic, the firm ran with the idea. Upon arrival, clients encounter a “whimsical dreamscape” of a reception, the walls boasting a colorful and exacting pixelated pattern, meant to represent Dr. Mek’s pore-level precision with each facial injection as well as the unique appearance and skin tone of each customer. Ottoman seating is equally diverse, yet all are in rounded, nebular silhouettes.

Before patients are called to one of the five treatment rooms, each with a different theme, such as secret rocket or green therapy, they wend their way through what Hyper-Haus calls the “graphic catwalk,” a 25-foot-long corridor defined by a cascade of blue-and-white circles—the ideal spot for before-and-after treatment selfies.

a custom wall in Dr. Mek Clinic in Bangkok by Hyper-Haus
At Dr. Mek Clinic in Bangkok by Hyper-Haus, a custom wall design of stickers and paint, rubber floor tile, and a painted ceiling define the corridor leading to the facial treatment rooms.

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