September 23, 2018

RISD Announces Collaboration With Murray Moss

The Rhode Island School of Design has announced a collaboration with renowned gallerist, design entrepreneur, and Interior Design contributor Murray Moss for the 2018-2019 semester, exploring the present and future of the made world through immersive workshops.

The partnership will begin with two public lectures at RISD’s Metcalf Auditorium. In Search of Narrative, on October 10, will examine the belief that inanimate objects can contain a unique “life story.” On November 5, Interdisciplinary Design Becomes the Norm will focus on removing barriers between disciplines and exploring new ways of making. Both will be live-streamed at

The RISD campus in Providence, Rhode Island.

Each lecture will have a corresponding graduate-level workshop, in which Moss will draw on the RISD Museum’s extensive collection to reference works made using a range of technologies and manufacturing techniques, from 18th-century porcelain to 3D printing. In the spring, a graduate-level course will take place at Torpedo House, Moss’s own residence and gallery, and will integrate pieces from his own collection.

Torpedo House in Hamden, CT.

These lectures and workshops will integrate Moss’s design knowledge accumulated through 18 years as the creative visionary behind Moss, his beloved erstwhile gallery, along with his unique skill in creating new meaning through the juxtaposition of objects.

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