May 23, 2016

Safco Products Acquires Focal Upright Furniture

Photography courtesy of Focal.

Earlier this month Safco Products, provider of office products and office furniture, announced the acquisition of Focal Upright, a design company known for its ergonomically designed office furniture. In addition, the Minnesota-based company announced the expansion of its Safco Active Collection of products, which includes ball chairs, adjustable desks, and foot rests.

Focal Upright Furniture has long been the go-to furniture company for the business sector thanks to its comfortable and ergonomic designs, and so it should be no surprise that the brand, created by Martin Keen, founder of KEEN, a brand of footwear praised for its durability and comfort, would catch Safco’s eye.

“These products were just so different from other active-working products we were seeing in the marketplace,” says Paul Griffiths, products general manager for Safco. “The Focal team’s focus on providing a healthier working environment also fit well with our healthy workspace initiatives. Focal’s products perfectly complement our existing active-working [line of] products and creates an expansive line of healthy product solutions.”

Focal Upright products that are currently available and part of the Safco Active Collection include the recently launched Pivot Seat, which leverages the user’s center of gravity when seated and supports a leaning posture, and the backless Locus Seat, which also supports a leaning posture and supposedly helps with circulation by reducing pressure points.

“We see a lot of companies moving into active seating and standing or sit-to-stand desks, but the Focal Upright products are truly revolutionary,” Griffiths says. “They provide a third posture for leaning or perching that no one else has addressed. The seats provide users the benefits of standing while allowing a more neutral posture that may reduce some of stresses that standing puts on the body.”

Photography courtesy of Focal.

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