March 23, 2017

Sensible, Eclectic Fixtures From Troy Lighting

Network by Troy Lighting.

For over 50 years, Troy Lighting has transcended time and redefined handcrafted workmanship with strikingly eclectic, sophisticated casual lighting fixtures that are distinguished by their unique human sensibility and characterized by their design and functionality.

Berlin by Troy Lighting.

Troy Lighting’s California-based team of experts, craftsmen, experimentalists and influencers dismiss trends and eliminate divisions between styles. They rewrite the rules of lighting design, forging inventive fixtures treated by the craftsman’s hand and devised for the human eye.

Alchemy by Troy Lighting.

Troy Lighting channels inspiration from different regions of experience – extracting and reworking elements of pop culture, history and the natural world – to create an aesthetic that is modern and anachronistic, familiar and enduring. They combine elements of style with modern principles of innovation to form sophisticated casual lighting fixtures that challenge design conventions with distinctive eclecticism.

Citizen by Troy Lighting.

Each pendant, sconce, chandelier, flush mount and exterior fixture is constructed of high quality materials. Troy Lighting specialists select attractive and robust iron and steel, glass and textiles (among a variety of other materials) from experienced suppliers, consistently exploring new resources to find the uncommon, the exceptional. Master craftsmen forge and weld raw materials into final products, showing a deep knowledge of the materials they work with, an unwavering attention to detail and a measure of ingenuity.

Atomic by Troy Lighting.

With vision, expertise in design and functionality and a willingness to experiment, Troy Lighting unsettles the rules of interior and exterior lighting design to introduce unique, conspicuously authentic fixtures.

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