May 27, 2020

Shamir Shah Talks Residential Design on Hello Cindy!

Shamir Shah of Shamir Shah Design joined Interior Design Editor in Chief Cindy Allen (@thecindygram) for today’s episode of Hello Cindy!, welcoming viewers back from the long weekend. Shah is spending his time in his Litchfield County, Connecticut, home where, in the evening, he observes the fog rolling out along the valley in an awe-inspiring formation.  Talk about serenity! 

Shah, a big proponent of keeping the separation between work and home clear, said the overnight order to isolate at home in March flipped his world upside down. Everyone from accounting to design teams had to shift to digital processes, however the small office, which produces big projects—often with with repeat clients—was able to successfully complete the transition. Shah reports that everyone on his team is well and acting with caution to protect their health, and the safety of those around them. 

When it comes to residential projects, Shah is of the Fran Lebowitz school of thought that people belong outside, not in. A project in New York’s Gramercy Park forced Shah to push himself out of his element by incorporating a green wall that is clean, refreshing, and full of benefits for the space. In fact, this project graced the cover of Interior Design and won a 2018 Best of Year award for Midsize Apartment. “Beautiful details draw me to a project,” Shah says, noting that he has another large-scale apartment project with amenity spaces in the works.

The firm also recently completed a Madison Avenue condominium project, initially designed by the late architect Karl Fischer. The building, which features 32 floors with amenities including two pools and entertainment rooms, welcomes visitors with a dark and textural lobby mural. Fabricated in South Africa, shipped in increments, then assembled in the lobby itself, the mural is just one example of Shah’s artful eye. Another is a tile mural and point of pride for a Santa Monica apartment development, also completed by Shamir Shah Design, which offers an example of “remarkable art for a rental building,” per Allen. 

His team, meanwhile, currently is working on different designs and prototypes that offer solutions to present challenges knowing that design solves problems. “Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, there’s beauty in the most unexpected places, so be [sic] eyes wide open,” he reminded viewers.  

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