September 22, 2014

Tai Ping Carpets Opens First Shanghai Showroom

Preserving China’s rug-making heritage for future generations has always been the mission at Tai Ping Carpets . So it was a homecoming of sorts when the manufacturer opened its first showroom in Shanghai. RF Studio’s Ramy Fischler designed the 4,500-square-foot storefront around a living oak tree. In addition, custom furnishings and lighting share space with worktables lined with computer monitors that provide access to a vast archive of designs. Full-size samples promote new collections such as Revive by street artist Moose, aka Paul Curtis. For example, a wool-nylon Axminster called Twilight Migration was adapted from his stencils.

Photography by But Sou Lai.

Exterior Tai Ping Carpets 0714

Showroom Tai Ping Carpets 0714

Textile Tai Ping Carpets 0714

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