A blue Cadillic Celestiq parked near a field at sunset with mountains in the background.
Cadillac CELESTIQ front 3/4 view with the sky and mountains in the background.

The Top 5 Car Designs of 2022

From coupes with disappearing roofs to concepts with electrical architecture, Interior Design highlights the year in wheels

Behind the Car Design of the Maserati MC20 Cielo

The Cielo offers a perfect mix of sportiness and luxury, courtesy of a specification unique to the segment: the innovative retractable glass roof. The model is equipped with a state-of-the-art electrochromic smart glass window that can instantly be transformed from clear to opaque at the touch of a button on the central screen, courtesy of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) technology. The roof is also best-in-class in terms of thermal insulation and of opening and closing speed—just 12 seconds.

An overhead shot of the Maserati MC20 Cielo with the top down showcases the future of car design.
The Maserati MC20 Cielo. Photography courtesy of Maserati.

The butterfly door provides much easier access into and out of the cabin, as well as showing off the carbon fiber cockpit and the completely unmasked front wheel.

From an aesthetic perspective, the launch version features an exclusive new three-layer metallic color known as Acquamarina, as part of the Maserati Fuoriserie customization program. It’s a color that interacts with light, revealing itself in a surprising way. The base is a pastel grey inspired by racing, reminiscent of the MC20’s sporty DNA, accompanied by an iridescent aquamarine mica that enlivens the hue.

A Closer Look at the Bentley Batur

The interior design of the Bentley Batur at night with red trim.
The interior of the Bentley Batur. Photography courtesy of Bentley.

Bentley is previewing a new design language with their new Batur coupe created by director of design Andreas Mindt, which showcases a new DNA that will ultimately guide the design of Bentley’s future range of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). This collection of just 18 series examples of the Batur is the latest project by Bentley’s in-house bespoke and coachbuilding division, Mulliner—the oldest coachbuilder in the world with over 250 years of experience. An endless array of options includes parts crafted in titanium, sustainable natural fiber composites, and even 3-D printed 18K gold.

The front of a parked Bentley Batur in a silver color against a dark background.
The Bentley Batur. Photography courtesy of Bentley.

Inside the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II features a red-lit display on the interior of this car design
The Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II. Photography courtesy of Rolls-Royce.

The exterior is finished in a classic Rolls-Royce two-tone colorway with black over Monteverde green highlighting a bold, hand-applied Peony Pink coachline. And the coachline set against the darker colors draws inspiration from the interior color design.

Upon opening the coach doors, one encounters an interior suite of Scivaro gray offset by a vibrant color pop from large swatches in Peony Pink. The Obsydian Ayous open-pore wood and signature Canadel paneling present a contemporary yet warm look and feel. Finally, the gallery in this special commission features a world first with a unique embroidery design finished in Scivaro Grey with a Peony Pink thread.

Detail of the front wheel of the The Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II on a road near a beach.
The Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II. Photography courtesy of Rolls-Royce.

The Cadillic Celestiq Hints at the Future of Car Design

Interior view of Cadillac CELESTIQ showing the front 55-inch pillar-to-pillar screen.
The Cadillac CELESTIQ features a front 55 inch pillar-to-pillar screen. Photography courtesy of Cadillac.

The Cadillac Celestiq is a handcrafted, all-electric vehicle serving as the flagship for the brand’s future, but it’s built on legacy. Its prescient design, cutting-edge technology, and personalized luxury are all rooted in Cadillac’s history of building seminal vehicles such as the 1933 V16 Aerodynamic Coupe and the 1957 Eldorado Brougham.

And with 115 3-D printed parts, the on-demand custom production vehicle demonstrates GM’s broadest use of the industry-changing manufacturing process. The Celestiq develops the innovation as well: its seat belt adjustable guide loop is the first safety-related 3-D printed part in GM’s history.

A blue Cadillic Celestiq parked near a field at sunset with mountains in the background.
The Cadillac CELESTIQ. Photography courtesy of Cadillac.

It’s Electric: Introducing the Lincoln Star Concept 

The interior of the The Lincoln Concept features two sleek white seats that face two seats in dark brown.
The Lincoln Concept. Photography courtesy of Lincoln.

More than half of Lincoln’s global volume is expected to be all-electric vehicles by mid-decade as the brand moves toward a fully electrified portfolio. Using the area no longer occupied by a gas engine, a front trunk will allow for both increased storage and expanding the feeling of spaciousness inside. With electro-chromatic glass that changes from transparent to opaque, the feature can also be instantly recognizable, allowing light in when the vehicle is in motion and darkening to hide stored valuables when parked. Under the front trunk, illuminated first-row floors flow uninterrupted into the interior, creating an airy, open cabin.

Three rejuvenation moods built around the body’s natural circadian rhythm of morning, day, and evening stand to join a proprietary new Lincoln Embrace sequence that harmonizes audio, scenting, and lighting throughout the cabin. A symphonic orchestration with crisp, high-resolution animations on the displays creates an immersive digital sanctuary. For starters, the Coastal Morning option uses gentle, oceanic sounds, a fragrance of sea mist and the soft, warm glow of the sun with dynamic lighting throughout to replicate a stroll on the beach at sunrise. Mindful Vitality is meant to reenergize the senses, with invigorating, upbeat audio, dynamic abstract artwork, soft, glowing lighting, and a flowery fragrance throughout. Finally, Evening Chill mirrors dusk using a calming night soundtrack coordinated with night sky video and an evergreen fragrance.

The Lincoln Concept with extended doors and hood and trunk takes on a robotic form.
The Lincoln Concept. Photography courtesy of Lincoln.

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