August 29, 2014

Tsao & McKown Architects Design Provincetown Installation

To celebrate the centennial of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Tsao & McKown Architects conceived, designed, and executed “Re[framing] Provincetown: Animating History Through Sharing,” a new installation for the town at the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Twenty-six diptych cedar frames have been strewn about the beach town. Combining the past with the present, one side of the frame displays an archival image while the other frames a “live” view. Looking out over the town’s old streets, piers, and beachfront scenes, they spark a conversation about the area and what once existed there. The hope is that viewers will become more aware of their built environment.

On the back of the frames, an invitation asks people to submit their stories, memories, and photographs about Provincetown to an exhibition that will be held at the museum’s Hoffman Gallery through October 26.

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