Anna Karlin Unveils a Shapely New Furniture and Lighting Collection

The self-taught product designer Anna Karlin’s hotly anticipated fall collection of lighting, furniture, and objects was three years in the making. It includes a whopping nine lighting series, among them Mulberry, with a silk-covered art nouveau–inspired shade that flowers from curved bentwood arms, and the sculptural Plinth, in which striking forms in marble and glass (or bronze and acrylic) emerge from traditional travertine pillars. The molded-fiberglass Lantern Stack stretches six totemic shapes from floor to ceiling, while cast-glass table lamp Squidge is, as the name suggests, rather globular. Ceramic Bar Cabinet recalls an antique Swedish stove, its tiled exterior covered in intriguingly dimensional glyphlike shapes, and the tonal Field headboard explores the Arts and Crafts Movement. No object is too small for Karlin’s eye—there’s even a cast-bronze bottle opener. “Each piece I design,” she notes, “informs the development of the next.”

Anna Karlin
Anna Karlin. Photography by Nick Hudson.
  • Plinth 01.
    Plinth 01. Photography by Adrian Gaut.
  • Plinth 02.
    Plinth 02. Photography by Adrian Gaut.
  • Mulberry Cone.
    Mulberry Cone. Photography by Adrian Gaut.
  • Squidge; Field.
    Squidge; Field. Photography by Johnny Miller.
  • Mulberry Sphere.
    Mulberry Sphere. Photography by Adrian Gaut.
  • Lantern Stack.
    Lantern Stack. Photography by Johnny Miller.
Ceramic Bar Cabinet.
Ceramic Bar Cabinet. Photography by Adrian Gaut.
Bottle Opener.
Bottle Opener. Photography by Johnny Miller.

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