Art Deco Typography Inspires The Look of This Tile Collection

New Jersey–based visual artist Lisa Hunt is known for her graphic collages and screen prints, but for her first tile collection, Asha, she revisited typography, which she studied at Pratt Institute. “I’ve always been inspired by the art deco period and the fonts of that time,” Hunt says. Eight years ago, she started designing a pattern with the word “love,” and it’s now one of her five stoneware relief tiles for Ann Sacks. Arrows Right, Arrows Left, and Arrows reimagine a 2018 triptych print in 3D. Pomegranate, a simplified graphic of the cut fruit, also reflects earlier artworks. “My past work has heightened how fundamental yet effective a stroke, shape, or symbol can be when expressing yourself,” she says. All of the tiles are handmade in Portland, Oregon, and come in six glazes based on colors Hunt frequently uses in her work.

Lisa Hunt
Lisa Hunt. Photography by Kelly Marshall.
Pomegranate tile by Ann Sacks
Love tile by Ann Sacks
Arrows tile by Ann Sacks
Ann Sacks' Asha tile collection being painted

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