Balmaceda’s Latest Collection is Full of Heart

Balmaceda, the rug company led by chief designer Jose María Balmaceda is rooted in Mexico City—and inspired by artisans from India and Nepal. The workshop’s emphasis on craft and thoughtful reinterpretations of tradition guides its latest collection, Corazones, sparked by the chambers of the human heart, the symbolic location of a person’s soul. That concept translates into unique rugs including Mercedes and Luz that evoke patchwork forms and hand-drawn maps, with colors that collide and edges that defy expectations. Completely customizable, the made-to-order rugs are hand-knotted of wool, bamboo silk, linen, and/or matka silk. Available in the U.S. through the Future Perfect.

the Mercedes rug by Balmaceda
the Mercedes rug by Balmaceda in dark grey
the Luz rug in various colors and amorphous shapes
the Mercedes rug in green

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