Chair Meets Bagel in This Design by Dmitry Kozinenko for Woo

Even in the midst of war, creativity pours out of Ukraine. Play, a chair design by Dmitry Kozinenko for the 6-year-old Ukrainian furniture company Woo, is assembled from geometric elements made of plywood and polyurethane foam.

The bagel-shape back is “inspired by a children’s game in which you have to throw a ring accurately to hook it to a barbell,” the designer says. “It also resembles a puzzle where several circles are connected, and you have to find the right angle to separate them.”

Kozinenko’s Drova ottoman is similarly shapely, composed of four or six upholstered blocks stacked on top of each other.

“When I visited my parents, who live in a village in Western Ukraine, I noticed how carefully my father placed wood next to the woodstove,” he recalls. “Three sticks along, three sticks across, repeated again and again. It makes a perfect stable construction with a simple, aesthetic rhythm.”

the orange Play, a chair design by Dmitry Kozinenko
Dmitry Kozinenko, chair designer, in black and white on a chair.
Dmitry Kozinenko. Photography by Nikita Zavilinskiy.
Chair designs in pink and white by Dmitry Kozinenko
Dmitry Kozinenko goes beyond chair design with the stacking Drova ottomans

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