These Designer Rugs In Polygonal Shapes Take Inspiration from Incan Architecture

“Never conventional, Michele De Lucchi’s career unfolds through memorable products and architecture.” That’s the verdict of the Compasso d’Oro jury, which recently awarded De Lucchi, who’s the founder of humanist-centered design firm AMDL Circle, its prestigious Career Award. AMDL’s latest product to market is Sentieri, a rug collection for Carpet Edition that is named after the Italian word for pathway yet draws inspiration from the poly­gonal masonry of Peru’s Cusco walls, Incan architecture from the 15th century.

Its segments—in a blend of New Zealand wool, hard-twist wool, and Tencel (a form of rayon)—are modular. That means if not selecting one of the five standard patterns, including Sentieri di Filippo and Sentieri di Alberto, specifiers can pave their own way: The six irreg­ularly shaped polygons can be configured in near infinite combinations of color and form using the manufacturer’s digital platform,

Sentieri di Alberto rug
Sentieri di Alberto.
Sentieri di Filippo rug
Sentieri di Filippo.

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