Surf Pro Kassia Meador Collaborates on Ethereal Wallpaper

Ethereal and fluid, wallpapers and textiles by Eskayel founder and creative director Shanan Campanaro begin as her own watercolors. Her company’s latest introduction, Aquarelle, a col­laboration with pro surfer Kassia Meador (who Campanaro met while surfing herself), explores moments where water meets earth. “Kassia sent me beautiful photos of rivers, snow, mud, and cracked earth, and the paintings I made from them became the series,” she explains. The lustrous compositions are translated onto clay-coated wallpaper in three colorways: Ocean’s blues are layered to suggest a bird’s-eye view of dynamic estuaries; Ice blends white, lavender, and pale blue in cellular patterns akin to snow drifts; and Earth’s russet tones and biomorphic lines evoke parched terrain. Fabrics, pillows, and even wetsuits are also on offer.

a pink surfboard against a wall covered in the Aquarelle wallpaper
pink watercolor wallpaper by Eskayel
white and grey watercolor wallpaper by Eskayel
blue watercolor wallpaper by Eskayel
a woman in a wetsuit swims underwater

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