Take a Sustainable Soak in This Hot Tub by Goodland

Typical hot tubs are made of nonrecyclable materials and powered by electricity. Sustainable? Not really. Goodland, a new Canadian outdoor brand founded by furniture-maker Craig Pearce is determined to change all that with its Wood-Burning Hot Tub. Made entirely of recyclable materials, including marine-grade aluminum and Western red cedar, it marks the first in a series of minimalist, ritual-building products centered around the natural world (an outdoor oven and a birdfeeder are up next). Indeed, the experience is all about connection to the earth: Gather fallen branches or chop wood to feed the fire that heats the water—just an armful warms up the tub in less than 2 hours—before settling in for a leisurely soak en plein air.

a Goodland hot tub in a desert landscape

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