a gray table in front of vibrant orange wallpaper with gray flowers

13 Product Designs That Seamlessly Meld Form and Function

Designers get crafty (literally) with works showcasing the future of forms and materials

Felted Sculpture Designed by Christine Jacobs

a felted sculpture curls up like an inch worm
Photography by Hayden Phipps/Southern Guild.

Christine Jacobs, with her felted sculpture (made with merino wool sourced from her sixth-generation family farm in South Africa), exhibited at Southern Guild, Cape Town. southernguild.co.za

Echoes Mirror Designed by Marcela Cure

mirrors in biomorphic shapes with ceramic borders

Echoes mirror series in hand-sculpted, -cast, and -painted resin-stone composite by Colombian designer Marcela Cure. marcelacure.com

Botanica Vitality by Calico

a gray table in front of vibrant orange wallpaper with gray flowers

Ceramics by New York–based artist Cody Hoyt are translated into Botanica Vitality, a wallpaper or Type II commercial-grade PVC-free wallcovering by Calico. calicowallpaper.com

OO+II aluminum Plug-in Wall Lights Designed by Kiki Goti

a woman in a teal dress holds sculptural lighting

New York–based Greek architect/designer Kiki Goti with her OO+II aluminum plug-in wall lights, featuring traditional Balkan motifs transformed via open-source AI tools such as Midjourney. kikigoti.com

Contour Lamps by Esque Studio

contour lamps with purple globes on top of a ceramic base
Photography by Chelsie Craig.

Andi Kovel’s Contour lamps in glazed hand-thrown ceramic and mold-blown glass by Esque Studio of Portland, Oregon. esque-studio.com

Mada Touch Sensor–Operated Lamps Designed by Arielle Assouline-Lichten

a yellow and gray cubelike top on a brushed aluminum base

Mada touch sensor–operated brushed-aluminum lamps with green onyx or Arabescato marble shades by Arielle Assouline-Lichten of New York’s Slash Objects. slashobjects.com

all you need now is some oxygen coffee table by Kostas Lambridis

a coffee table made of upcycled materials with a base of flowers
Photography by Giorgos Sfakianaki.

all you need now is some oxygen coffee table of concrete, glass, ceramic, and marble by Greek artist Kostas Lambridis, exhibited at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, New York. carpentersworkshopgallery.com

Cono Pots Designed by Masquespacio

orange and pink pots made of 3d-printed clay

Cono pots of 3D-printed clay hand-finished by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse of Spanish design studio Masquespacio for their lifestyle brand, Mas Creations. mas-creations.com

Threshold Light by Alexis & Ginger

a light with a curved form at center

Threshold Light, a desk lamp or wall-hung sconce made of layered solid cherry by Ginger Gordon and Alexis Tingey of New York studio Alexis & Ginger. alexis-and-ginger.com

Hi Beam Lamps Designed by David Weeks Studio

a man looked at two standing lamps that lean in to the center

The David Weeks Studio founder with his towering Hi Beam steel standing lamps, incorporating LED-lit frosted-acrylic cylinders and golden-yellow powder-coated bases. davidweeksstudio.com

Lamp by James Haywood and Aurora Shelving by AMCA OVAL Studio

a green mushroom shaped lamp on an aluminum shelving unit

French designer James Haywood’s lamp made from industrial waste atop Aurora aluminum modular-shelving system by Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud of Paris-based AMCA OVAL Studio. jameshaywood.me; amcaoval.com

Mani Rug and Chess Wallpaper Designed by Shanan Campanaro

a red orange and white patterned textile with sunlight streaming in

Mani rug of merino wool with hand-cut bevels in Fire against Chess wallpaper in Multi, both by Shanan Campanaro of New York’s Eskayel, and based on her own paintings. eskayel.com

Purdah Mirror Designed by Urvi Sharma and Manan Narang 

a woman standing in a mirror surrounded by red walls

Purdah mirror with a reflection-softening brass veil suspended from a gilded bar, by Urvi Sharma and Manan Narang of Providence, Rhode Island, studio INDO-. indo-made.com

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