Wave Hello To This Ocean-Inspired Wallpaper From Laine + Alliage

Picture an antique amphora lost at sea, gently rocking in the currents: That’s the image Tania Leipold, founder of the Brooklyn-based atelier Laine + Alliage, tried to capture with Vessels. The eco-friendly, clay-coated wallpaper tells a story of “unhurried time, ease, and tranquility,” she says, evoking a dance between water and object. Slightly transparent, the handpainted pattern shows blurred, overlapping vases in two soft colorways: sea-green Acqua and Nectar, a sandy orange. The 27-inch-wide panels come in heights of 9 or 12 feet and are printed to order with water-based inks (allow a four- to six-week lead time). With a matte surface to minimize glare, Vessels is suitable for residential and low-traffic commercial locations and is available on contract grounds upon request.

Vessels wall covering in Acqua and Nectar

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