Mix and Match These Italian-Made Washbasins and Trays

Color and shape dialogue harmoniously in Vivy, a new line of washbasins by Ettore Ambrosio and Fabio Chianese of ZeTae, a Neapolitan studio. The freestanding pedestal and countertop sinks are made entirely of Luxolid—a proprietary Italian-made solid surfacing with a particularly smooth, uniform finish—and come with an optional contrasting tray. The collection, which bath specialist Relax Design launched last month at Cersaie, also presents four new gloss or matte colors for Luxolid: Vesuvius Red, Amalfi Yellow, Capri Blue, and Ischia Green. All told, the basins and trays come in two sizes and 16 hues, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

washbasins in yellow, red, and blue

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