November 1, 2019

Soft Geometry References Dessert in New Collection

From left: Fluff Bench Jr., Five-Tier Leaning Shelf, and Doughnut by Soft Geometry. Photography by Palaash Chaudhary.

Their parallel paths have taken them from India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi for college to the Savannah College of Art and Design, where they completed their master’s in 2017. Settling in northern California, Palaash Chaudhary and Utharaa Zacharias have since founded Soft Geometry, a reference to their easygoing personalities and passion for shapes. Their latest furniture collection, Dessert Menu, embodies the youthful anticipation of after-dinner treats via solid-wood pieces. Take Doughnut: It’s a glass-topped coffee table centered on a plump ring of a base formed from CNC-carved oak. Cotton candy is on the menu with Fluff Bench Jr. in maple trimmed with furry acrylic-polyester. The duo’s clean-lined proclivities are palpable in the Five-Tier Leaning Shelf in white ash. 

Fluff Bench Jr. by Soft Geometry. Photography by Palaash Chaudhary.

Fluff Bench Jr. by Soft Geometry. Photography by Palaash Chaudhary.

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