Stephanie Eventov’s New Textiles Channel Midcentury Art and Architecture

Stephanie Eventov’s vibrant aesthetic is informed by her many interests, which range from textile arts and architectural geometry to disco, fashion design, and photography. She brings these disparate inspirations together at Society of Wonderland, the Brooklyn studio she founded in 2015.

Take the woven textiles collection Series .21. Its five performance upholstery fabrics channel midcentury art and architecture through flowing shapes and rich hues. Jazzy Pierre mixes orderly lines and ovals; Atelier has abstract blocks of colors; and triangles and trapezoids mingle in Tango. (They join earlier textiles including psychedelic Marche, an indoor/outdoor polyester.) For an immersive Wonderland experience, pair upholsteries with wallcoverings like matte vinyl Rewind.

a collection of graphic textiles in blues and pinks
Rewind, Atelier, Marche and Jazzy Pierre.

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