A collection of Golia coffee tables

These Coffee Tables by Draga & Aurel Pay Homage to Neo-Brutalism

An explicit homage to Neo-Brutalism, the Golia coffee tables by Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow of Draga & Aurel combine two seemingly incompatible materials, resin and cement, to create a perfect match—a love child of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, if you will. Sea salt is used to corrode the concrete, a process that accentuates its roughness and dulls its gloss. The resin, by contrast, very much reflects the outside world, the colors seemingly shifting according to available illumination. In one model the resin component sits on top; on the other, it’s to the side, a variation that completely changes the dialogue between the two materials.

Draga Obradovic & Aurel K. Basedow
Golia coffee table in orange
Golia coffee table in yellow
Golia coffee table in green
A collection of Golia coffee tables

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