Wood-Skin for Carnegie Fabrics

Wood-Skin Envisions Architectural Panels as Origami

Fold panels by Milanese company Wood-Skin (sold through Carnegie in North America) are 3-D boards with acoustic properties built inside square or rectangular frames. Think of them as akin to pop-up children’s books. Through digital software, a complex surface is tessellated. The surface then ships flat to site, where it is folded back into its rigid 3-D shape and secured to its frame. The designs are inspired by the geometries of origami and there are 10 materials to choose from, including veneered or plain plywood, bamboo, and colored MDF. Due to Fold being the most standardized of all the company’s offerings, installation is usually a DIY project. Through Carnegie.

The Fold Wood-Skin for Carnegie Fabrics
Wood-Skin for Carnegie Fabrics

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