December 19, 2018

14 Simply Amazing Bar Interior Designs

When it comes to bar interiors design, the atmosphere is just as important as the drinks. For more inspiring ideas, check out our Hospitality board on Pinterest.

Must-See Bar Interior Designs Across the World

1. Duddell’s London by Michaelis Boyd 

A green tiled bar stands out in this space with gold pendant lights from above.

Duddell’s London, situated in the historic St. Thomas Church, is a Cantonese restaurant and bar that marries Eastern tradition with Western modernity. Masterfully designed by Michaelis Boyd, the interior pays homage to the building’s original features while introducing contemporary elements inspired by 1960s Hong Kong. The bar area, in particular, stands out with its rich, jade-toned marble countertops, beautifully contrasting against the antique gold bar stools. Intricate, custom-made screens divide the space, providing an intimate atmosphere while maintaining an open, sociable layout. A curated selection of Asian-inspired cocktails is served under the stunning, vaulted ceilings, making it an enchanting spot to unwind and socialize. With its harmonious blend of historic elegance and modern sophistication, Duddell’s London exhibits Michaelis Boyd’s ability to respect a building’s original character while infusing it with a fresh, culturally relevant identity.

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2.  Wild Ginger by SkB Architects 

A wooden bar with green velvet bar stools features a canopy ceiling with metallic gold.

The bar canopy’s metallic finish from Scuffmaster glitters under Kreon spotlights; the Seattle bar’s custom car chairs are by Asti. Bar interior design such as this one, play a crucial role in creating an inviting atmosphere, employing thoughtful lighting, engaging aesthetics, and comfortable seating arrangements to ensure a memorable patron experience.

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3. Gastro Pelayo Trinquet by Mercader de Indias

This gastropub features a sleek modern bar lined with stools balanced by greenery lined shelves.

The Valencia restaurant’s bar area, with stools upholstered with a fabric inspired by the Albufera natural park’s plants and herons, is separated from the kitchen by an iron bar. The pivotal aspect of bar interior design in the hospitality industry showcases an modern layout to craft spaces that resonate with the desired target audience and provide an experience no one will forget.

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4. Takoi by Undecorated 

Pink and purple hues bath this bar in moody light

Takoi, a Detroit-based Thai-inspired restaurant and bar, offers a vibrant and immersive dining experience designed by Undecorated. With a unique industrial greenhouse aesthetic, the space is a dynamic blend of urban grit and tropical exuberance. The bar area stands as a testament to this balanced fusion.

It features a captivating mix of materials: from raw concrete surfaces to warmly illuminated steel mesh screens, rustic wood elements, and a rich array of tropical plants. Ambient neon lighting adds a modern, edgy vibe to the space, while the open plan encourages a fluid, social dining experience. Undecorated’s design for Takoi captures the essence of Thailand’s bustling street food culture, reinterpreted within a Detroit industrial context.

The result is an atmosphere that is uniquely enticing – a gritty urban jungle where patrons can enjoy exotic cocktails in a setting that pushes the boundaries of conventional bar design.

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5. The Beekman Hotel by GKV Architects and Martin Brudnizki 

A bar and lounge area with colorful seating and layers of patterned multi-colored rugs.

The lounge of this New York hotel features contemporary portraits of authors by artist Cathy Cone, among them Edgar Allan Poe, who is framed by a 19th-century arch. This is a masterpiece of architectural preservation and modern luxury. Its interior design captures the opulence of the Victorian era while incorporating contemporary elements to create a sophisticated, yet welcoming ambiance.

Plush seating, rich textures, and ornate detailing work in harmony with modern lighting and an impressive beverage display, showcasing a careful balance of old world charm and modern hospitality. As patrons sip their drinks, they can admire the bar’s stunning surroundings, including its nine story atrium and vintage ironwork, offering a truly unique and immersive bar experience.

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6. Four Seasons Hotel Bogotá by Rottet Studio 

A green wall lines the wall behind this inviting bar at the Four Seasons Bogota

The Four Seasons Hotel Bogota was designed by the award-winning Rottet Studio, perfectly encapsulates the elegance and modern sophistication associated with the brand.

The interior design seamlessly blends Colombian culture with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in a unique fusion that is both inviting and impressive. The hotel’s bar is a highlight, combining sleek lines, lush textures, and a warm color palette to create an intimate, stylish space for socializing and relaxation.

Sophisticated seating, clever lighting, and an exquisite selection of beverages make it a standout destination in Bogota’s vibrant nightlife scene. The bar is a testament to Rottet Studio’s ability to create spaces that are not only visually stunning, but also offer a refined, memorable experience for guests.

7. Asbury Lanes by Anda Andrei Design and Bonetti/Kozerski 

Red and white and blue is the theme in this bar with an American flag ceiling installation and red and blue bar stools.

Tolix stools, a Sixinch bench, and Amlgmatd tables liven up the bar area of this 1960s-era New Jersey bowling alley. The bar at Asbury Lanes is a captivating mix of vintage charm and modern design, reflecting the collaborative vision of Anda Andrei Design and Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture.

The long, polished counter, illuminated by overhead pendant lights, invites patrons to sit and socialize, while the backdrop of neon signage adds a vibrant splash of retro flair. The use of raw materials like exposed brick and metal, paired with the playfully mismatched bar stools, evokes a sense of nostalgia, yet feels fresh and contemporary. The strategic use of lighting accentuates the bar’s features and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The design respects the venue’s rich history while propelling it into the present, making the bar a standout feature of Asbury Lanes. It is a testament to the power of interior design to breathe new life into a space, transforming a traditional bowling alley bar into a buzzing social hub that retains its original character while embracing modern aesthetics.

8. Annabel’s Jungle Bar by Martin Brudnizki 

Annabel's Jungle Bar reflects its namesake with wall art featuring overgrown plants and chairs with animal prints.

Verre églomisé panels are complemented by a tortoiseshell wall covering in this immersive lounge. Annabel’s Jungle Bar, envisioned by renowned designer Martin Brudnizki, is an extravagant escapade into an urban jungle located in the heart of London. Brudnizki’s daring and imaginative design transports guests into a lush, tropical world, characterized by richly layered textures, vibrant colors, and a meticulously curated assortment of exotic plants.

The bar exudes an air of opulent eccentricity, with its wall-to-wall botanical prints, whimsical animal motifs, and a stunningly ornate bar that serves as the centerpiece. Here, patrons can enjoy their drinks amidst the luxurious faux-vegetation, adding a touch of the fantastical to their evening. The Jungle Bar at Annabel’s is an excellent example of how a bar interior design can create immersive, themed experiences, showcasing Martin Brudnizki’s flair for blending theatricality with elegance.

9. Pink Mamma by Martin Brudnizki  

Greenery hangs from above at this bar that seems fit for a garden party with peach bar stools and blue chairs

Located in the lively district of Pigalle, Paris, Pink Mamma is an enchanting culinary destination designed by Martin Brudnizki. This four-story trattoria is a testament to Brudnizki’s expertise in crafting immersive dining experiences. The interior is a delightful blend of Parisian charm and Italian warmth, presenting a spectacle of verdant hanging plants, antique mirrors, and vintage ceramic tiles.

The crowning jewel is its top-floor bar and dining area, with its impressive glass ceiling that allows for an abundance of natural light, and an expansive indoor greenhouse filled with lush, tropical plants. This space perfectly embodies the ‘la dolce vita’ sentiment, creating a vibrant yet intimate atmosphere where patrons can enjoy their drinks amidst the botanical grandeur. Pink Mamma’s interior, with its harmonious blend of rustic charm, sophisticated details, and bold botanical elements, is a reflection of Brudnizki’s exceptional ability to transform spaces into stunning visual narratives

10. Born & Raised by Basile Studio 

The patio at this rooftop bar features a black and white floor with pink armchairs surrounding the tables.

Born & Raised, an upscale steakhouse in San Diego, stands as a testament to the creative prowess of Basile Studio. The space is a seamless fusion of mid-century glamor and modern sophistication, with a distinct sense of luxury permeating every detail. The bar area, in particular, is a sight to behold. Elegantly draped in lavish materials like brass, walnut, and leather, it encapsulates the essence of old-world grandeur. An art deco-inspired backlit onyx bar serves as the centerpiece, complemented by richly upholstered bar stools and striking pendant lights that cast a warm, inviting glow across the room.

Behind the bar, the open kitchen adds an element of theatre to the overall experience, allowing patrons to witness the culinary artistry as they enjoy their drinks. The rooftop bar, offering sweeping views of the city, takes the experience to even greater heights. Born & Raised is a shining example of Basile Studio’s exceptional attention to detail and dedication to creating immersive, experiential spaces. The bar, with its luxurious aesthetics and intimate ambiance, offers an unparalleled hospitality experience, setting new standards in the world of restaurant design.

11. East Trading Co. by  Electric Coffin  

Colorful wall art adds a pop of interest in this lounge with a wooden bar and wooden stools

East Trading Co., located in the heart of Seattle, is a unique bar that brings together eclectic influences under one roof, thanks to the innovative design approach by Electric Coffin. Drawing from elements of Eastern philosophy, Pacific Northwest culture, and modern-day speakeasies, the space exudes an atmosphere that is both familiar and exotic.

The bar area is a stunning fusion of textures, colors, and eras. The counter, crafted from polished wood and backed by a wall of beautifully bottled spirits, invites patrons into a warmly lit space. An impressive mural by local artist Dozfy graces the wall, offering a visual spectacle that adds depth to the room. Eccentric details, such as vintage oriental carpets and plush, vibrant seating, enhance the atmosphere of curated chaos.

The magic of East Trading Co. lies in its ability to transport guests into a different world, a testament to Electric Coffin’s imaginative design approach. The bar is not merely a space to enjoy a drink but a destination that offers a journey into a vibrant, whimsical, and culturally rich realm.

12. Jean-Georges by Neri & Hu Design and Research Office 

A glass partition separates the bar of this restaurant from other areas, creating a veil of mystery.

Brass-framed gradient glass partitions delineate the riverfront bar in Shanghai. Jean-Georges, an elegant French restaurant in Shanghai’s historic Three on the Bund building, is a marvel of contemporary design, masterfully executed by Neri & Hu Design and Research Office. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience accentuated by a captivating interior that harmonizes the old with the new.

The bar area at Jean-Georges is an embodiment of understated elegance and modern sophistication. Situated under an impressively high ceiling, the bar features a sleek, monolithic marble counter, contrasted beautifully against dark wood and punctuated by the warm glow of pendant lights. The seating arrangement, a mix of plush sofas and high stools, creates an intimate atmosphere conducive to relaxed conversation and enjoyment of the restaurant’s curated selection of beverages.

With its play on natural light and understated palette, the bar’s design exudes a timeless elegance that aligns with the overall ethos of the restaurant. Neri & Hu have crafted a space that not only complements Jean-Georges’ exceptional culinary offerings but also offers a distinctive and refined atmosphere, making the dining experience at Jean-Georges truly memorable.

13. Pink Moon Saloon by Sans-Arc Studio

Like a small house with a pitched roof between two taller buildings, this bar creates a cozy statement.

The 60-degree roof pitch brings a sense of spaciousness to the Adelaide, Australia gastropub, which is only 12 feet wide and sandwiched between two much taller office buildings. The Pink Moon Saloon, nestled in a narrow alleyway in Adelaide, Australia, is a charming bar and restaurant designed by Sans-Arc Studio. Inspired by the traditional alpine huts, this unique establishment offers a warm and inviting space that transports patrons from the hustle and bustle of the city into a tranquil, rustic refuge.

The bar area, situated in the heart of the venue, features a long timber counter that perfectly captures the warmth and simplicity of the alpine theme. The bartenders craft cocktails against a backdrop of exposed bricks and timber rafters, imbuing the space with a sense of authenticity and comfort. Natural light filters through the pitched roof, while at night, soft ambient lighting creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

In the Pink Moon Saloon, Sans-Arc Studio showcases their ability to transform a limited space into a unique, immersive experience. The bar, with its rustic charm and thoughtful design, provides a welcoming space where guests can unwind and socialize, offering a truly one-of-a-kind hospitality experience.

14. Founding Farmers Restaurant by GrizForm

With seating on all sides, this bar beneath a pitched roof invites diners to connect.

Above the bar, pendant fixtures by Raimond Puts hang below a canopy built like the roof of a barn in stained Douglas fir. Founding Farmers Restaurant in Washington D.C., designed by GrizForm, offers a unique dining experience that is steeped in history and sustainability. Drawing inspiration from the agricultural heritage of America, the design weaves together elements of the past and the present to create a distinctive ambiance. The bar area of Founding Farmers is a testament to this vision. Crafted from reclaimed wood and adorned with rustic, barn-style lighting fixtures, the bar encapsulates the essence of the farm-to-table philosophy. A wall-mounted display of vintage tools and hand-picked artifacts adds a layer of authenticity, turning the bar into a backdrop for storytelling.

The seating, a mix of comfortable stools and plush booths, invites patrons to linger over their farm-inspired cocktails. The overall design, with its warm tones and natural materials, creates an atmosphere of comfort and nostalgia. Founding Farmers, through the creative lens of GrizForm, showcases a design that not only provides a visual feast but also communicates the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability and local farming. The bar, with its thoughtful design, provides a unique space where patrons can appreciate the rich agricultural history of America while enjoying their drinks.

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