December 18, 2017

An Office Necessity Gets a 21st Century Update

Springboard’s mobile units come in an array of fun, vibrant colors. Image courtesy of Springboard. 

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At SpringBoard, the written word still rules, even in the digital age. The company’s low-profile glass whiteboards, which come in wall-mounted or mobile styles, are ideal for group work and brainstorming big ideas. The largest market, according to SpringBoard executive Kirby Rea, has been college campuses around the U.S. and Canada, but the brand has seen a growing popularity in the workplace, too. 

“People have been writing on walls for thousands of years,” says Kirby. “It’s the oldest way to communicate.” Glass is one of the best surfaces to communicate on, it turns out. It’s naturally non-porous, easy to clean, and, as the whole architecture and design industry knows, is incredibly strong. SpringBoard’s low-iron glass means that whiteboards are incredibly bright and colored boards are vivid. SpringBoard pushes the limits of possibility further by manufacturing an incredibly slim product that’s lightweight and therefore incredibly easy to install and uninstall. What’s more, SpringBoard offers fully custom products in addition to their regular line, meaning a designer can order a whiteboard in any color, any size, any finish and with any digitally printed image a client could want. 

A team uses one of Springboard’s frameless mobile boards in white. Photography courtesy of SpringBoard.

SpringBoard sources the majority of its materials from the United States and manufactures its products in the U.S. exclusively. This includes upcoming accessories that SpringBoard will launch this year, like magnetic holders for markers and erasers. These attachments will be handmade out of warm walnut and white oak, with felt inlays. 

Springboard’s design kit comes with multiple color and finish options. Photography courtesy of SpringBoard. 

Following a successful soft launch in June 2017, SpringBoard is currently taking orders across North America. The company offers design kits for interested buyers. These kits are free and geared directly towards designers and end-users. They feature a collection of glass colors, finishes and framing options. They are available on-demand and ship directly from SpringBoard’s factory. 

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