October 12, 2019

Australian Company Mud Offers a Colorful Range of Handmade Porcelain Serveware

Vessels showing off Mud’s extensive palette.

Long before there were “makers” (air quotes intended), there was Mud. For 25 years, the Australian company has offered a beautifully colored range of handmade porcelain plates, bowls, serveware, and more exhibiting a minimalist aesthetic and an artisanal soul. The company was founded in 1994 by Shelley Simpson, who continues to act as designer. “Our studio in Marrickville operates like a family, with a number of talented ceramicists who are committed to the art of handmaking.” Fans have long enjoyed the brand’s signature look: stonelike matte finish on the outside, glossy on the inside, in 20 colors and myriad shapes. Sizes range from a small pickle dish to a generous serving vessel. Products are made from clay sourced in Limoges, France, and tinted with pigment at the slip stage rather than painted on later, the way most ceramics are produced. (Everything is dishwasher and microwave safe.) The unglazed exterior becomes smooth when handled over time, so the pieces continue to evolve. And so does the company: For its silver anniversary, Mud is introducing a new all-matte finish. 

Founder Shelley Simpson in the studio. Photography by Nikki To.
Clear glaze being applied to the interior of a large bowl. Photography by S. Wilson.
Hat pendant lights are available in all 20 of the company’s colors.
A string of glaze sample charms, sometimes used to decorate the ribbon on gift-wrapping.
A series of bowls ranging from about 5 to nearly 20 inches across.

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