November 2, 2018

Ceramiche Refin Translates Ancient Japanese Wood-Charring Techniques Onto Tile

Carta by Ceramiche Refin.

Yakisugita, also known as shou sugi ban, might have been invented in 18th-century Japan, but the ancient technique of charring wood planks (traditionally cedar) to form a waterproof layer of black oxidized carbon has never been more popular, due to its dramatic patina and natural beauty. But wood is far from ideal for some projects, which is why Ceramiche Refin’s product manager, Massimiliano Baglieri, decided to reproduce the look with tile. The resulting Kasai collection (Japanese for “fire”) comprises three patterns that reproduce the technique’s signature crackle and sheen in durable, versatile porcelain stoneware: birchlike Carta, smoky gray Fumo, and mysterious, shadowy Notte. Each pattern may be specified plain or decorated with Japanese characters, cherry blossoms, and the like.

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