February 1, 2018

DHP Furniture Adds Extra Comfort to Small Space Living

The Novogratz Futon & Twin Sleeper Sofa Sheet Set by DHP Furniture has been designed to fit effortlessly most futons and sofa sleepers, including Novogratz and DHP lines, so you can kiss the old struggle of trying to fit your sheets goodbye.

As the small-spaces trend in modern residential design becomes more commonplace, finding comfortable, high-design furniture for those spaces becomes a top priority for designers and end-users alike. The modern futon and sleeper sofa have proven to be useful for small space dwellers, but often come with the problem of finding bedding to fit the unusual dimensions of these compact pieces. DHP Furniture has found the solution. 

DHP Furniture has been the leading North American manufacturer of futons for over 25 years, allowing this multifunctional product to enter apartments, condos, dorms, and homes of customers looking to make the most out of a small space. The company’s long-standing dedication to modern design lead them to collaborate with the Novogratz family, a husband-and-wife team committed to bringing contemporary design to the mass market. DHP Furniture has refined futons and sleeper sofas by incorporating accessories that aim to make these pieces more fun and comfortable.

The memory foam adjusts to your sleep position, relieving pressure points and alleviating motion disturbance for an extra-comfortable night’s sleep. 

These new products include a memory-foam mattress topper, a mattress protector, a microfiber sheet set, and a quilt set. The mattress topper and protector fully transform futons and sleeper sofas into real beds and guarantee the longevity of the furniture. Coming in an array of vibrant, on-trend colors, the sheet and quilt set are wrinkle-resistant and super-soft, perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep. Your guests will never have to settle for the floor again. 

Designed to perfectly fit your futon or sleeper sofa when opened in the sleeper position, this futon mattress protector adds an additional layer of comfort while protecting your futon from any moisture or spills.

All four products are now available at Amazon and Wayfair (sheet set, mattress protector, mattress topper, and quilt set links here). Click here to enter DHP’s Messy Bed contest, with a chance to win a free set of super-soft futon sheets. 

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