June 26, 2019

Find Out What Designer S. Russell Groves Considers the Best Products on the Market

An unabashed modernist, S. Russell Groves (@russellgroves) still acknowledges the merits of aesthetic flexibility. “Rather than narrow our design vocabulary so every project is rigidly consistent, we consider the setting, which then informs our approach,” the Groves & Co. founder explains. Among his recent picks: Deborah Ehrlich’s Crystal Tea Light lantern of nested cylinders, which “elevates the plebian industrial hurricane lamp into something ethereal,” he says, and Tru Pure, the teak lounge group by Andrei Munteanu for Henry Hall that marries “an almost Shaker purity with rich wood.” Alessandro Andreucci and Christian Hoisl serve up functionality for Boffi with AH01, a stainless-steel outdoor kitchen Groves dubs a chic reinterpretation of the ubiquitous grill. And late-modern classics are always ripe for specification, such as Richard Schultz’s 1966 aluminum series for Knoll. 

Check out his top picks below. 

Tru Pure by Henry Hall.
Crystal Tea Light by Deborah Ehrlich.
AH01 by Boffi.
1966 Aluminum Series by Knoll.
1966 Aluminum Series by Knoll.

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