Innocad and Superunique

Innocad and Superunique Envision a Home on a Hill in Graz, Austria

2021 Best of Year winner for On the Boards – Residential

Carefully sited on a hilltop to afford both basin and mountain vistas, the 3,000-square-foot family home crafted by Innocad and Superunique will be composed of four interconnected volumes, each with their own resident or function: parents, children, guest, and gathering, the latter the project’s central component. The floating “boxes,” their rough-sawn wooden board formwork giving the concrete facades an organic texture, will be glazed at either end, seamlessly blending interior and exterior, artificial and natural. The infinity pool, conceived as a detached fifth structure, echoes the other structures. Completion is slated for 2024.

Innocad and Superunique
Innocad: Martin Lesjak; Jörg Kindermann; Patrick Handler; Giulia Gelmetti; Elisabeth Krammer
Superunique: Peter Gaisrucker; Armin Petzwinkler