NBBJ Envisions a Sustainable Office With a 12-Story Ribbon Park in Korea

2021 Best of Year winner for On the Boards – Commercial

When completed in 2024, the fintech company’s 1 million-square-foot headquarters spearheaded by NBBJ will focus on the restorative: The idea that people can actually leave the office feeling better than when they arrived, based on a plan that unites nature with flexible work spaces for both collaboration and heads-down. Among features is a 12-story ribbon park, accessible to the public, that will wind from bottom to top, creating opportunities to connect with the community and stay active, and multiple sustainability measures, including utilizing waste heat from a nearby data center.

NBBJ: Robert Mankin; Jonathan Ward; Joo Oh; Charles Lim; Amanda Colton; Byoung Yyong Kim; Minjia Qu; Luyan Shen; Alec Ng; Philip Schmunk; Kelly Griffin; Colleen Barry; Britta Moline-Ayars