February 6, 2018

Ofist Decorates an Istanbul Sunglasses Shop With Cork and Cars

Ofist has spent the last 14 years designing commercial and residential spaces in Istanbul, often devising custom furnishings that later become widely produced. Eye-D, a hub for independent and local frame makers, commissioned the firm for a sunglass store that would resemble the firm’s bright portfolio.

At Eye-D, an Istanbul sunglasses retailer by Ofist, LED spotlights are tucked into 90 blocks of cork, carefully arranged to eliminate shadows. Photography by Ali Beckman.

“We wanted to make something extraordinary, while keeping a human touch,” says Ofist co-founder Yasemine Arpac. Arpac and partner Sabahattin Emir hit upon an industrial palette for the 1,100-square-foot shop, introduced by concentric frames of white iron that become pegboard displays for the sunglasses and a cash-wrap desk. A canopy of cork yoga blocks, 550 in total, dangle from the ceiling, some serving as fixtures for LEDs. Cork also pops up as the top for a suspended table, around which gather Bob stools from Modus in the same material.

Meritalia’s Fiat 500 table parks near custom iron shelving, under a custom LED pendant. Photography by Ali Beckman.

The designers brought the street inside with an office desk crafted from the hood of a car, along with elegant intact vehicles, including the owner’s 1962 Caterham. It idles by a back wall, said to date back to Byzantine times, along with a glass elevator that climbs two stories to the owner’s loft—also designed by Ofist. 

Ofist created pegboard style displays from powder-coated iron, with accessories created from wooden plugs found in a carpenter’s atelier. Photography by Ali Beckman.
The iron table is made of plyood laminated with cork. Photography by Ali Beckman.
A new facade, made of iron, extends beyond the reshaped stairs. Photography by Ali Beckman.
Ofist’s Yasemin Arpac and Sabahattin Emir among the bamboo plants at the entrance; signage is laser-cut from iron sheets, with hidden LED lighting. Photography by Ali Beckman.

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