March 7, 2021

Xi’an Silk Road International Conference Center: 2020 Best of Year Winner for Government/Institutional

Photography courtesy of Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group.

The oldest of the Four Great Ancient
Capitals of China, Xi’an is not only the starting point of the fabled Silk Road but also home to the much-visited Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. But now the historic city holds another draw, a modern landmark with particular appeal to business travelers. This shimmering conference center is immense: At more than 2 million square feet, the glass curtain-wall structure is the largest of its type in the country. To create a rational layout and avoid dead space, Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group zoned the building according to usage rate, dedicating the center of each of its three floors to a ballroom, multifunctional hall, and conference chamber, respectively. Around each of these massive facilities, a U-shape corridor serves as a pre-function area or an exhibition space. To ensure the levels can operate independently, each has its own MEP and lighting system. But the efficient, minimalist interiors do not forget the ancient city outside: Along with the clay warriors, neighboring architectural monuments and traditional bronze sacrificial utensils are referenced in stylized form on the ceilings and walls and as copper gates.

Photography courtesy of Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group.

Project Team: Yang Bangsheng; Chen Anyun; Su Haijiang; Wang Chaobin; Xu Xiaobing; Shi Siyuan; Chen Bohua.

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