June 24, 2021

Zavod11 Studios Transforms a Historic Building in St. Petersburg into a Greenery-Filled Restaurant

In the heart of St. Petersburg, Russia, local firm Zavod11 Studios transformed a historic building, which once served as an early 20th-century gathering place for artists, writers, and innovative thinkers, into the greenery-filled restaurant, ARKAROOM. Led by Irina Potapova, the design team spotlighted the structure’s original elements, such as ornate stucco details and oak parquetry, while drawing on principles of austerity and mindfulness. “
The main role in the restaurant is given to lighting,” shares Potapova, noting that it is situated in a chamber with minimal natural light. To illuminate the space, various Artemida lamps hang above the tables, and custom chandeliers, made from Russian vodka bottles, offer warm and cool light regulation, imitating the ebb and flow of sunlight. The restaurant also features shelves with LED-dimmable lights, tulips lights in the plant displays, as well as a backlit geometric mirror and an ambient green-hued entrance. “The green light at the entrance continues the theme of nature and caring for people,” adds Potapava. “It is an accent color in the interior that complements and saturates living plants.” 

Stucco details reflect the history of the space. Photography by Valeriy Nemirov. 
The chandeliers are made of Russian vodka bottles. Photography by Valeriy Nemirov. 
The green light at the entrance invites guests to explore the values of health and ecology. Photography by Valeriy Nemirov. 
The material palette features metals and glass mixed with the stucco decoration and a fireplace from the beginning of the 20th century. Photography by Valeriy Nemirov. 
A communal table is surrounded by an airy shelving unit with liquor bottles on display. Photography by Valeriy Nemirov. 
Backlit mirrors bring a reflective element to the dining room. Photography by Valeriy Nemirov. 

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