January 22, 2020

10 Products by Young Designers Showcased at Maison&Objet 2020

It’s always interesting to see who will take charge of tomorrow’s design scene—and French designers were in the spotlight this month. From January 17–21, six young Parisian designers were featured in the Maison&Objet January Rising Talents showcase highlighting the city’s hot young design scene. From a shelving unit that looks soft and imperfect to a rug created via iPad and an air diffuser that isn’t ugly, here are 10 products from these rising stars that caught our eye.

1. Screen Shelf by Wendy Andreu

Photography courtesy of Wendy Andreu.

“I don’t necessarily aim to hide defects and to polish things,” says Wendy Andreu. To form the soft and imperfect look of the textured coating on her steel Screen shelf, she used a mix of concrete, pigment, and varnish. 

2. Suspension Dyade pendant light by Julie Richoz

Photography by Sylvie Chan-Liat, courtesy of Galerie Kreo.

Playing on the relationship with a luminous ring and a white diffuser, the Suspension Dyade pendant light by Julie Richoz is a geometric exploration of light and shadow. 

3. Binaire Collection of Rugs by Julie Richoz

Photography courtesy of Julie Richoz.

With a motif that suggests binary code, the Binaire collection of raffia rugs by Julie Richoz for Manufacture de Cogolin seems to change under the eye as one moves around a room. 

4. Tufty Junior Rug by Laureline Galliot

Photography courtesy of Laureline Galliot.

Laureline Galliot taps technology for her designs, drawing with either her fingers on an iPad—which she used for the colorful Tufty Junior rug for Nodus (shown here)—or her body via a virtual reality headset and software originally developed for cartoon animation. 

5. Jug Vase by Laureline Galliot

Photography courtesy of Laureline Galliot.

Jug is a vase included in Laureline Galliot’s 3D-printed collection of tableware. 

6. Manufacture de Sèvres Marie Laure en Amérique by Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilin

Photography by Boris Ovni.

The crisscross wall decorations used by art patroness Marie-Laure de Noailles to hang artwork at her Parisian mansion triggered the idea for Manufacture de Sèvres Marie Laure en Amérique. The hanging partition by Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini is made of rope and porcelain.

7. The Japanese Series of Vases by Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilin

Photography by Pierre Antoine.

Water resides in the glass cone and cylinder base of the Japanese Series of vases by Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilin—which are about to take off on wings of contrasting color. 

8. Métis 02 Air Diffuser by Natacha & Sacha

Photography by Natacha & Sacha.

Household electronic goods are often ugly—or so thought Natacha Poutoux and Sacha Hourcade. The co-founders of design studio Natacha & Sacha are dedicated to reimagining them. Case in point: air diffuser Métis 02. Designed like a vase, it’s made of tinted glass.

9. Briques Radiator by Natacha & Sacha

Photography by Natacha & Sacha.

Radiators are another product unlikely to pleasing the eye. To create the energy efficient, partition-like radiator Briques, Poutoux and Hourcade suspended refractory bricks from an electric rail.

10. Wood Table and Chairs by Adrien Garcia

Photography by Aethion, courtesy of Maison&Objet.

Adrien Garcia collaborated with a firm he says is “the best upholsterer in the world” for prototypes of a wood table and matching chairs, lacquered in flamingo pink. 

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