May 1, 2019

Five Innovations from German Brands at imm Cologne

A recent trip to the IMM Cologne furniture Fair in Germany revealed a number of interesting new products and developments from these five manufacturers. NKBA Insider Elle H-Millard, CKD,CLIPP, reports on what she found and why she likes it.


Storage solutions from Kesseböhmer. Photo by Elle H-Millard.

Kesseböhme, a 65-year-old specialist in metal processing and fittings for optimal storage solutions, maximizes storage while keeping items organized and easy to access for today’s multi-use kitchens. Its innovative pull-down interior fittings for wall cabinets allow vertically challenged people easy access to the hard-to-reach areas.


Blanco’s Durinox surface for sinks and countertops. Photo by Elle H-Millard.

Sink authority Blanco has introduced Durinox, a finish that uses layers of metal. Durinox is twice as hard as stainless steel, providing qualities that resist scratches and fingerprints. This material can be used for apron sinks and countertops, providing a warmer feeling than standard stainless steel. Prototypes of induction cooking using the Durinox product are currently being tested.


Siematic’s armoire-style refrigerator panels. Photo by Elle H-Millard.

Celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, Siematic is known for its dramatic statements in the kitchen while remaining true to the tenets of simplicity and elegance in design. ItsPure, Urban and Classic collections offer an array of cabinetry options for all tastes. The integrated refrigeration cabinetry is made to look like an armoire, lending a sophisticated look and feel to the overall design of the space. 


A Nobilia kitchen with integrated lightning and flexible shelving. Photo by Elle H-Millard.

Diversity in the kitchen is one of the specialties of this cabinetry giant, which offers something at every price point and style. Nobilia incorporates technology in the production of the cabinets, like integrated lighting and flexible shelving systems, while keeping the manufacturing extremely precise and efficient, helping to maintain excellent quality and costs.


Ballerina’s “crate” drawers. Photo by Elle H-Millard.

Flexibility in design creates excitement and energy in the kitchen, and Ballerina develops concepts that help the consumer utilize the space creatively. Ballerina’s removable and stackable crate-and glass-front drawers make loading and unloading simple.

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