Kiki Goti Unveils Her Latest Collection of Colorful Furniture, Lighting, and Accessories

Standard architectural forms like columns and capitals shape-shift to eye-popping furniture, lighting, and accessories in the hands of the Greek architect and educator Kiki Goti. Goti’s hyper-sensorial designs—what she calls “domestic supergraphics”—begin as collages before prototyping refines the construction. “The material and its performance drive the form,” she says.

Her U+II collection consists of a mirror, side table, and double-arm lamp, and her newly launched I+UU series includes a floor lamp and sconces. They are all made of hard acrylic laminated to form black-and-white stripes, and squishy foam that’s sealed, then painted with colorful lines. (“The contrast creates a moment of visual and haptic tension,” she explains.) The Steel Stripes chair is similar but applies Goti’s beloved lines to industrial materials: painted steel sheet and U-beams. Crafted in her Brooklyn, New York, studio, all pieces are available within a project-friendly two- to six-week lead time.

Kiki Goti at work crafting the colorful furniture in her new collection.
Kiki Goti. Photography by Vincent Staropoli.
This Steel Stripes collage by Kiki Goti inspired some of her colorful furniture pieces.
Steel Stripes Collage. Image courtesy of Kiki Goti.
the black and green Steel Stripes chair and stool by Kiki Goti
Steel Stripes. Photography by Hanna Grankvist.
I+UU collection by Kiki Goti includes many pieces of colorful furniture
I+UU. Photography by Alina Lefa.
a lamp and mirror in the U+II collection by Kiki Goti
U+II. Photography by Hanna Grankvist.

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