Gantri Spotlights the Work of 4 Emerging Designers

The California maker of affordable, sustainable 3D-printed lights, Gantri, showcases four emerging global designers in its latest independent creator release. Berlin-based Simon Schmitz presents the sculptural Figra table lamp, a balance of contrasting geometries available in three colorways. Kids can do schoolwork in any corner of the house if they tote around Field Trip, a portable table light with a caddy at its base from the Baltimore- and Barcelona-based Joey Zeledón. BEBOP, a collective located in Seoul and San Francisco, dreamt up Squish, a bulb-shape table light as compact as it is playful. From Brazil, Romulo Temigue offers the delectable Macaron, a table light with a 360-degree diffuser sandwiched between two halves. Like all Gantri creations, they’re made in San Francisco from a biodegradable sugarcane-based material.

Figra table lamp
Field Trip table lamp
Field Trip.
Macaron lamp
Squish lamp

Meet the Emerging Designers Featured in Gantri’s Latest Release

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